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60 Day Metabolic Kickstart Program
Rev Fit Cincy

60 Day Metabolic Kickstart Program

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KickSTART Program Begins 1.8.2017 & Includes

Motivation & Education
Led by Mary Beth Knight
Daily Texts
Weekly Emails
Weekly personal challenges
Meetings and Videos to cover the following topics : Stress & unhealthy coping mechanisms, the Power of Food, Proper Cardio exertion for fat loss, eating to prevent disease,       Emotional eating and how to break free, Proper progression for all exercise

Biometric Screenings
Intake screening & exit screenings include – Muscle Mass, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Resting Metabolic Rate, Chest, Waist and Hips measurements
60 & 90 day programs will have additional screenings to measure improvements
Exercise Revolution Fitness’ trainers will guide you through 2 group personal training sessions per week and provide a progressive cardio vascular program as well to facilitate fat loss, addition of lean muscle and increased energy. Participants will also have access to spinning, yoga, TRX and other studio classes at Revolution.
Nutritional Assessment and Meal Plan
A look at past habits and a plan to help you reach your goals. Intake screening, emails during program and meal plans. Program conclusion meeting to plan for the months to come.
2 meetings per month
Recipes & Meal Plans
We make it simple and easy by providing real solutions for busy lives. No one wants to spend an hour in the kitchen each night. You don't have to.
Includes shopping guides and handy cheat sheets to remind you or best habits and ideal selections when at the grocery store.

Program Value


Program Value

30 Day $475                Before 12.31 $199

60 Day $705                Before 12.31 $399

90 Day $950                Before 12.31 $599

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